Welcome to Paperwork Reduction.gov, a federal agency website designed to support the Information Collection Request, Review and Approval System (ICRAS), a web-based, enterprise-wide application for facilitating OMB clearances in accordance with the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) of 1995.

ICRAS delivers to Federal Agency users:

  • a complete, one-stop Information Collection system, tailored uniquely to each individual agency, and serving as an active link to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), from electronic submission of collection packages to up-to-date retrieval of status information.

  • the only PRA system fully integrated with OMB's ROCIS system, permitting direct OMB database access for the electronic transmission of collection packages and receipt of Notices of Action, eliminating the need to log on to a second system to manually enter data or check status.

  • a convenient, efficient interface which mirrors a Federal Agency's internal business practices for preparing, reviewing, and submitting Information Collection Requests (ICRs) to OMB.

  • email alerts to ensure preparers and reviewers receive real-time status of collections.

  • full history of each ICR, from creation to OMB approval, including status tracking of the package as it is prepared and reviewed by multiple parties.

  • detailed reports covering all phases of inventory, disseminated throughout the agency's hierarchical levels.

Last revised: May 3, 2013